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Mexico launches sustainability index with EIRIS research

BMV's new sustainability index is based on the 70 most liquid shares on the Mexican Stock Exchange. Companies eligible for inclusion on the index are assessed according to their performance, impact and responses to emerging environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. These include climate change, human rights and policies and systems to counter bribery.

BMV selected EIRIS, and its local research partner in Mexico, Ecovalores, as lead partners to develop the methodology and assessment framework behind the new sustainability index. EIRIS and Ecovalores also undertake research on behalf of BMV to evaluate the ESG performance of Mexican companies and to determine which of them meet the sustainability requirements to list on the index.

BMV is the second-largest exchange in Latin America after that of Brazil, with a total value of stocks of more than $450bn.

To meet the listing requirements for the sustainability index, each company is evaluated in comparison to the sustainability practices of its sector globally. Mexican companies have to score in the top 50% of performers to be eligible for inclusion.

Read the full info in the press release

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