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Social innovation: European vision, local action (Proceedings of the Committee of the Regions, Brussels, 10 May 2011)

Social innovation can be described as new products, services, structures and approaches that simultaneously meet social needs and create new social interaction. Today there are several factors putting social innovation high on the political and academic agenda in Europe: the ageing society, the inclusion of people with low income or a different cultural background, the need for better jobs with skilled people, social housing, activating youth...

All these challenges are included in the ambitions of the Europe 2020 strategy, guaranteeing a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for Europe in the next decade. It is in this context that social innovation is expected to cross-fertilise two main Flagship Initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy: Creating an innovation union and building up a platform against poverty.

See all the info and download the pdf file in the Committee of the Regions web site

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