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Grameen Bank and Professor Yunus in danger and under strong attack from the Government of Bangladesh

Over the last months, an ongoing political campaign of destabilization has unfolded against Professor Yunus, a campaign based on rumors, lies, and legal manipulations. The ultimate goal of this campaign is crystal clear: to remove Professor Yunus as managing Director of the Grameen bank, in order to take over the organization.

If the Grameen bank were to lose its independence, then this unique model of microcredit would totally perish; indeed, the model is not only selfless (Grameen Bank is a nonprofit making organization), but it is also responsible (in the sense that all borrowers also place their savings in the bank), and of course democratic (as it is the borrowers who democratically elect 9 of the 12 members of the Board).

Defending the integrity of Professor Yunus, and fighting for him to remain involved in the Grameen Bank and ensuring a smooth transition, is crucial in order to preserve the independence of this unique model which has helped lift over 8 million people out of poverty in Bangladesh.

Read the full information in Fiends of Grameen

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