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My interview in CSR Leaders: "In The Lead: CSR Success Stories Featuring Telefónica’s Alberto Andreu"

Last week, , made me an interview for CSR Leaders, a blog focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability managers all over the word.

I really want to thank Robert this interview, and the opportunity he gave me to share my thoughts about CSR and to use the football as a metaphor of CSR.

Here, you can find the beginning  of this interview and a link with CSR Leaders blog. Thank you Robert!


“In The Lead: CSR Success Stories” shares breakthrough CSR success stories, tips and solutions with the global CSR community. Our objective is to bring together the best-of-the-best and inspire real CSR solutions. We interview the most dynamic CSR experts and showcase their stories and insights.

Have you ever wanted to know how one of the largest companies in the world, present in 25 countries with a workforce of some 285,000 professionals and more than 309 million customers thinks about CSR? Well, look no further. Telefónica’s Alberto Andreu is in the lead!

CSRLeaders has been tracking Alberto Andreu @aandreup for some time. We managed to get on his calendar. Not easy for a man that travels across continents and, as head of CSR, reports into the Global Telefónica Board.

Telefónica’s “Captain” of CSR andProfessor of Organizational Behavior at IE Business School.

Alberto, thanks for your time. CSR continues to be a “strategic” imperative for many organizations but from our outlook there appears a lack of processes, funding, and even understanding of what it is and how it should be performed. So instead of listening to journalists, we are approaching people like you who are doing CSR and are living it. What’s your take on the state of CSR?

I completely agree with you. I have had the opportunity to talk with CSR professionals in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, among others. The question that we all have to ask ourselves is, “Are we talking about the same thing? Are we on the same page?” The answer, more often than not, is unfortunately no, we are not talking about the same thing. Significantly, this does not happen in other professions / business functions like marketing, sales, finance, operations and HR. When we talk about CSR and sustainability we have to define up front what we are talking about. Certainly, CSR Leaders is trying to shine some light into this tunnel and has a very interesting blog.

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