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ESMA promotes harmonised regulatory action on short-selling in the EU

11 Aug. 2011 - ESMA today published a statement on the harmonised action by national competent authorities on short-selling.

European financial markets have been very volatile over recent weeks. The developments have raised concerns for securities markets regulators across the European Union. ESMA has been actively monitoring the markets over the last few weeks and has been exchanging information with national competent authorities on the functioning of the markets and the market infrastructure.

In the area of short-selling regulation, many authorities already have either requirements for the disclo-sure of net short positions and/or bans of certain types of short sales in place . Recent developments have meant that all competent authorities have reinforced the monitoring of their markets and are keeping their regulatory requirements under review. ESMA has coordinated discussions between the national competent authorities, specifically on the content and timing of any possible additional measures necessary to maintain orderly markets.

See the full information in ESMA website

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