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Finishing the Organizational Behaviour Course in the Master in Corporate Communication at IE University

Some weeks ago we finished the Organizational Behaviour course in the Master in Communication at the IE University, in Madrid.  Just to start this post, I will say clearly: I enjoy very much this group. I like their commitment; their views; their attitude; their wiliness to learn in every session...

In 15 sessions, we learn how to look at the organizations with a different view, understanding the formal structure, the informal structure, the people needs and the relevance of technology in current organization. We also talked about matters affecting individuals’ behaviour in organizations (leadership, management styles, motivation, interpersonal communication, teamwork, etc.), and matters affecting the way things are done in the company as such an organization (understanding organizations, link communications with formal structures...). So, we realized that organizational behaviour course was about this: understand the actions of individuals in organizations and find out how this influences the structure of the company. In other words, we define the roadmap to “survive” within the organizations.

But in these sessions we also talked about two relevant management “celebrities”: Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple) and... Yoda ( yes, Yoda, the Master of the Force). From Steve Jobs we learn his passion to follow his dream, his vision, his obsession for “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” From Yoda, we learned to understand “Power as a transformation tool”, power as a tool to change things joining people under the same goals, respecting the values and ethics. And from Yoda we also learn that power were not a tool to influence, or try to influence, in the distribution of benefits and damages within the organization.

In summary, from both of them we learned how to avoid going into the dark side of the force.

So, thank you guys: “May the force be with you all”

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COMENTARIOS3 comentarios
02 Ene 2012 | Responder
Thank you Alberto! It's been a great course!
03 Ene 2012 | Responder
Dear Prof. Andreu,
It was a pleasure having the OB class.
May the force always stay with us.
14 Ene 2012 | Responder
Thank you so much for a great course Prof. Andreu! Hope we have the chance to see you again!


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