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Organizational Behaviour Course

My main concern is to understand how organizations, and to discover why do things happen in one way or another in organizations; why do projects grind to a halt, why is everything so difficult sometimes, or so easy”- he explains. Sometimes is easy so find CEO´s who suffer because they don’t find the right switch or lever in their organizations that should be activated in their organizations to make things happens.

This course focuses above all on the issues that most of you will have to deal with early in your career.  The most important skills at that time have to do with the ability to manage oneself and one’s relationships with others in the organization.

In 15 sessions, we will deal with matters affecting individuals’ behavior in organizations (leadership, management styles, motivation, interpersonal communication, teamwork, etc.) and matters affecting the way things are done in the company as such an organization (internal communication, managing change, culture, etc.) And to do so we will adopt the dual viewpoint which we all in one way or another have to adopt: as managers and as subordinates. The organizational behavior course consists of this: trying to understand the actions of individuals in organizations and trying to find out how this influences the structure of the company.

Most of the students think, when the course is over, that Organizational Behaviour is the roadmap they need to “survive” within the organizations and get the most of their careers.

Here, you can find the syllabus

Sillabus Organizational Behaviour AAndreu

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