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The IIRG promotes an Integrated Reporting Pilot Programme

Participation in the Integrated Reporting Pilot Programme offers a select group of companies the opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in this emerging field of corporate reporting. The Pilot Programme will encompass companies as well as the investor community, with expert support from the secretariat of the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC) and peer group feedback from other participants in the Programme. Through participation in the Pilot Programme, the principles and practicalities of Integrated Reporting will be tried and tested, with the intention to create a new global standard in Integrated Reporting.

The aim of Integrated Reporting is to demonstrate the linkages between an organization’s strategy, governance and financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context within which it operates. The IIRC’s Framework will support an organization in addressing, in a clear and concise manner, the material issues affecting its ability to create and sustain value in the short, medium and longer term.

Consult the whole information in the The International Integrated Reporting Committee website


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